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Brain neuro-functional reorganization technique

PADOVAN Method or Brain Neurofunctional Reorganization is a well-known method, which is used as a treatment for developmental and speech disorders.

This method combines physiotherapy, ergotherapy and logotherapy within the same session. The method combines therapy for the upper and lower limbs and a program for the whole body training coordination, exercise, speech, swallowing and breathing (at the same time with the use of optical and auditory stimuli).

PADOVAN Method is also used for the treatment of children with learning disabilities, dyslexia, attention disorders, hyperactivity, impaired ability to write, impaired ability to count. This method is based on human’s neurological system (ΜD Temple-Fay), on the development of neurology distance functions – speech – thoughts (according to research scientist Rudolf Steiner), on the basis of Neurology, neuro-plasticity of the brain and development through the formation of new synapses.