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Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing

Problems swallowing affect a person’s nutrition, deprives the body of precious nutrients, and delays the patient’s recovery.

A great risk entailed in swallowing disorders is the inhalation of food, which may result in aspiration pneumonia, choking or even death.

Obtaining a diagnosis for a safe swallowing procedure is necessary in all cases of dysphagia and is achieved by carrying out an endoscopic evaluation.

This is a technique for checking on one’s swallowing, wherein use of an endoscopic device makes it possible to directly observe the operation of the patient’s larynx and hypopharynx while feeding with variable feedιng composition, suitably colored.

The endoscopic check will provide us with all the information required to follow an ideal training program with regards to swallowing liquid or solid food, always depending on the particularities of each patient, in order to achieve safe feeding.

This is applicable to all diseases causing difficulty in swallowing, such as dysphagia strokes, head injuries, myopathy after an ICU, or motor neuron disease.

The process is safe and free of complications.

The endoscopic department of the Evexia Rehabilitation Centre has been operating successfully since October 2013, and includes:

  • Endoscopic Swallowing Εvaluation
  • Bronchoscopy
  • Bronchoalveolar Lavage