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The team that takes care of you

Every person who gets incorporated in Evexias team becomes a member of an active community focused on the patient and his needs. Meet them and see how they see their work with us.

Kandilakis Emmanuel

Physiatrist-Scientific Manager

Our work is to help people regain their skills. Our philosophy is to function focusing on our patient’ s needs and find solutions for them.

Stefas Lefteris


A small motion, a word, a step. For us, these are the moments of joy and pride.

Stamatogiannis Nikos


When the moment requires it , we become one and we fight together with the patient. I always say that, above all, the heart of a doctor should be warm, caring and full of regard.

Sapardanis Iordanis


It is very important for the patient and his family to feel that they are in good hands. Knowledge and training should only be surpassed by sincerity and keen interest.

Georgiadis Triantafillos


Each patient is a new challenge, each patient is a new friend who needs our active support and help for the best results.

το προσωπικό του κέντρου αποκατάστασης ευεξία

Chatzidou Anastasia


We treat every patient as if they are our own people in need of excellent scientific assistance and support in action, not just words.

Vrohidis Nikos


There is no greater affirmation and joy, than to see a patient regain his dignity and autonomy.

Livadioti Stellina

Head nurse of the nursing team

The recovery is faster when everything is properly cared for and when the patient feels that he is in a warm and familiar environment.

Kalogirou George


Human contact is the key to our work. Our opponent is time. And in this race we are always winners.

Vouka Chrisa


A warm touch and a sincere smile is one of the most healing things in the world.

Skourtis Lucas


When the patient is taught to work with you, the improvement can be impressive. I feel proud of what we accomplish together every time.

Tsobani Maria


Support, understanding, good emotional state. These are the tools that bring optimism and finally, success.

Tsiolas Miltos


This bond created between a nurse and a patient is a bridge which leads to rapid recovery. Our task is to provide our support at all times.

Viki Kouvelioti


The beneficial effect of the water shows on the patients, making them feel better and more confident.

The water ensures the pleasant cooperation we want, helping us achieve a quick success.

Nikolaidis Lazaros

Ambulance Paramedic

When you see people’s gratitude in their eyes, you bend. Do not thank us, we are just doing our job.

Ikonomou Anastasia


A sweet welcome and the kind communication make the difference. Accurate information and convenience of the  escorts at all the bureaucratic procedures, ensure calmness and serenity which they are in so need of.

Papadopoulos Alexandros


Not ” homemade-like” but actually homemade, tasty, healthy food, cooked with care, according to every patients’ individual program. Nutrition is the centερ of health and rehabilitation.

Goutzeli Thalia

Cleaning Department

Patients see and understand when you do your best to make everything  perfect and spotless. Their smile says it all.

Kiriakidou Fotini

Catering Department

We want our patients to enjoy what they eat,because tasty and healthy food affects the recovery process. Our joy is to hear positive comments.

Galtsidis Spiros


Our aim is the realization of your goals. Their achievement is what inspires our team and of course you. When you try and believe everything is possible.