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Rooms – Accommodations

Accommodation entails quality standard rooms with spacious, friendly and intimate premises. Patients enjoy multi-adjustable electric beds and Memory Foam mattresses, satellite TV and wi-fi.

The patient residence area is an important parameter of development progress and improvement, and it should be carefully chosen.

Each patient benefits from rooms with spacious premises and plenty of light. The bed’s height from the floor is electrically adjustable, as it is possible to adjust to lift the head, lift the lower limbs and allow the patient to experience the most comfortable position in every activity (monitoring TV or reading, eating lunch, and in terms of leg relaxation and their ability to get off the bed). There is also scientific personnel who cares.

Memory Foam mattresses avoid the unpleasant complications of pressure ulcers. There is a layer cover with specialized hardware that helps the body to breathe and it is also antimicrobial to prevent infections.

The room’s ergonomics are essential due to the fact that the patient spends many hours in this room.


We ensure that patients enjoy the best daily diet. Every day we prepare selected homemade recipes, always according to one’s course of treatment and medical instructions. Professional chefs strictly follow your diet and create meals that promote a quick recovery.

Recreational Areas

We are here to make you happy.

At Evexia, you will find landscaped recreational areas that welcome patients any time of the day.

With a lush garden that is ideal for visits and walks, a playground, restaurant and library, Evexia is like a warm hug and a family that brings a smile to people in need.