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with a human touch

Evexia offers a totally new approach
to rehabilitation treatments

Our company profile

EVEXIA is a rehabilitation center that provides modern healthcare services and is equipped with medical nursing units, specialized medical and rehabilitation equipment and experienced personnel, treating patients with motor, cognitive and behavioral disorders. Our goal is to bring about the recovery of such patients with respect to functioning in their daily living activities, and to help them return to their family, work, environment and previous lifestyle.

Evexia’s management team bases its work on long-term strategic policies, following individualized patient management models, and has rapidly captured a large share of the rehabilitation market in Greece with 100% bed occupancy. The company continues to evolve dynamically.

The EVEXIA Rehabilitation Center is situated in Chalkidiki, located 18 km from the international airport. It offers 165 single and double-bed rooms, a high-dependency unit specialized in intensive care, microbiology and x-ray laboratories, and primary care services, including a laboratory and diagnostic departments.

Support and Guidance

We provide support and guidance to our patients at every step, apply a strict quality management policy with respect to our services, and invest in our partners’ knowledge and continuous education by adopting the principle of reliability. We have built up our brand name within Greece and now we are working towards achieving this on the international health and rehabilitation market.

Evexia is a pioneer in the sphere of medical tourism within Greece, and has been treating patients from countries of the European Union, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Egypt.

At a time when health systems worldwide are cutting benefits and face rising costs, Evexia is responding with cost-effective rehabilitation services, offering high quality standards by investing in the future.

is to provide assistance

to guide you, step by step, toward successful treatment

Our Strategy

Evexia’s strategy is based on four key principles that are aimed at achieving long-term and sustainable development:

  • Development of therapeutic solutions, focusing on our patients
  • Flexibility and rapid adaptability to all future challenges
  • Research and innovation
  • Systems and technologies

Our mission

Our mission is to help patients enhance their quality of life and to regain lost abilities or learn new skills.

for our patients’ needs

Our task is to help people regain their abilities and to improve their quality of life.

Οur Fundamental Values

  • reliability
  • integrity
  • creativeness
  • effectiveness
  • quality
  • professionalism
  • innovation
  • teamwork

Our culture

  • We love what we do
  • We cooperate as a cross-functional team
  • We focus on our patients’ special needs and treat them as family members

Our commitment

We apply state-of-the-art scientific developments, thereby creating new treatment options for our patients in aims of making a difference in their lives.

Solutions for the patients’ needs

We cover all patients’ needs and provide solutions.

  • We perform with a focus on meeting our patients’ needs and on innovation, research and development.
  • We participate in European health and innovation programs
  • We create smart solutions for patients and the elderly
  • We design ergonomic solutions to suit our patients’ living environment
  • We are involved in research and in evaluating new therapeutic rehabilitation methods
  • We have initiated e–HEALTH and e–REHABILITATION services
fast and impressive results

At Evexia, we achieve fast and impressive results owing to the effective combination of a powerful team, knowledge and scientific expertise and due to our genuine interest in the well-being of our patients and their families.

Our Strengths

  1. 21 years of experience providing rehabilitation services.
  2. Expertise in neurological rehabilitation services.
  3. A strong team of doctors and therapists, who apply well-established techniques and treatment methods and monitor developments in science and technology.
  4. New therapeutic and rehabilitation methods.
  5. Our services, medical, nursing and rehabilitation are certified according to three different international standards in order to ensure your well-being and the effectiveness of the services provided. These are as follows:
    • ISO 9001 by TUV Hellas for the high quality of medical and rehabilitation services.
    • ISO 22000 by TUV Hellas for food provision safety.
  1. International patient department
  2. Reliability of all the Centre’s activities from the time of admission until being discharged.
  3. Friendly environment and personnel to make you feel at home.

How we operate

Evexia’s performance is based on protocols and on evaluation of recovery and rehabilitation results according to internationally recognized rating scales and in comparison with similar centers around the world.

The distinguishable intensive rehabilitation programs are based on proven international practices, rules and instructions, and personalized service and care. In addition, our friendly personnel strive to meet patients’ needs with love and respect.


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