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Functional Electrical Stimulation

This is technology, which uses electrical impulses to stimulate nerves and muscles as treatment method and functional recovery, at the same time, maintaining the trophic tissues.

It is being applied to diseases such as:

  • Stroke
  • Paraplegia
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Guillain Barre

There are FES systems for:

· Upper limb, that promote the grasping ability, for example to grasp a glass of water or to tie shoelaces.  We would not achieved the above without FES technology.

· Lower limb, that are designed to achieve a standard gait pattern resembling the normal, in order the patient could walk faster and cover greater distances without experiencing fatigue. The important thing at this point, is that we reduce the risk of falling.

 These are the most  important advantages of this new method:

  • Brain training through neuroplasticity performing many repetitions and in an accurate way.
  • The sophisticated systems F.E.S. , which are tailored to specific splints provide the patient the possibility of performing functional movements and grasping objects , things that the patient could not perform otherwise.
  • These systems operate simultaneously as therapeutic and recovery mean for the upper limb.

Functional Electrical Stimulation as therapeutic gait technique and as orthotic:

With the help of technology FES we achieve  natural gait (without the aid of splint) while healing and restoring through brain training in the proper gait pattern.

How this is achieved?

The technology FES, with the help of a central console can be programmed  for the each patient’s needs according to his/her problem, stimulating nerves or muscles,  in order to achieve muscle contractions – the moment we need for the gait cycle.

It is a new, non-invasive technique, with no side effects, no complications, that achieves normal gait pattern.

It gives solutions to abnormal gait patterns caused by diseases mentioned above, such as:

• Drop foot

• Knee Hyperextension

• Quadriceps muscle weakness

• Gluteal muscle weakness

With the application of FES technology the above problems are treated effectively and in natural way.

This is demonstrated by objective evidence through a test called ‘Gait Analysis ‘, which is widely used at the Evexia Neuro -Rehabilitation Centre  simultaneously with electromyography recordings. This test provides us with all the necessary elements to create the ideal rehabilitation program, and to evaluate the effectiveness of our treatment methods.

The advantages of this method are many:

  • Achieves normal gait pattern and simultaneously treats.
  • Produces movement  with the patient’s muscle contraction, in contrast to a static splint gait.
  • Achieves high number of repetitions, equivalent to a large number of muscle contractions, thus improves the muscle strength and also the gait pattern through neuroplasticity.
  • Increases stability of gait and reduces the Fall risk.
  • Prevents injuries of the ligaments of the ankle increasing both gait speed and walking distance.
  • Achieves symmetrical gait pattern in both legs.
  • Has overwhelming advantages in walking on uneven ground in relation to the standard splint gait.

The systems currently have proven their value and effectiveness, and vary according to each patient’s needs , such as wireless , two-channel, four-channel or multichannel.

In Evexia Neuro -Rehabilitation Centre, the technology FES,  has direct effects from the early days of the patient’s admission. Its primary goal is:

  • to achieve faster results
  • to reduce disability, and
  • to increase the patient’s functional independence.

and is applied directly to the early stages of recovery in combination with other therapeutic techniques, such as:

  • The system of reducing body weight during the walking process  (Body Weight Support Gait Training)
  • The robotic gait system

In Evexia Neuro-Rehabilitation Centre, our medical team will inform you about the advantages of the method and its effectiveness.

F.E.S. systems are used as valuable and effective method in the recovery treatment after neurological diseases with wide spectre of applications.