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Transcranial brain stimulation

It is a new, non invasive technique, during which a weak stream is applied to the scalp causing brain stimulation, specifically in the motor cortex area,  an area responsible for our body movements.

The method is safe, without side effects. Usually the patient feels a tingling sensation at the point of the electrode contact. Studies from 

  • Harvard Medical School
  • University of Michigan
  • City Collеge New York
  • University Clinic in Berlin

and in many other parts of the world, show significant improvement in the patient’s motor function and therefore the recovery process.

How it works ?

Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation causes stimulation in the motor cortex and the brain’sneuroplasticity, on second level, which is the main function behind the neuro rehabilitation.

It is a new innovative method of treatment that contributes significantly to the improvement of the stroke patient.

Studies have also shown the usefulness of the method in the aphasia treatment caused bystroke ie where the patient can not speak or understand the spoken and written word, but alsoin depression, behavioral disturbances and hemianopia, situations causing also stroke.

The applications of this method are constantly expanding and future developments are rapid.