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Upper limb robotic system

Post stroke patients have difficulty in regaining full upper limb function.

The reason is that upper limbs execute thousands of combined skillful movements, which require a certain degree of coordination, something that is disturbed after a stroke.

The robotic system is a revolution in the rehabilitation of the upper limb function, promoting better and faster results.

Where it is based

When stroke occurs, an area in the brain is destroyed due to insufficient blood supply. As a result, this area’s brain cells die and information transmission in the particular area is disrupted. Fortunately, our brain has an adaptive mechanism called neuroplasticity.

Neuroplasticity is the ability of the healthy brain neuronal cells to create new connections with neighboring cells around the destroyed area in order to re-establish information transmission after being properly stimulated.

Therefore, the key in the rehabilitation process is to evoke proper stimulation in the affected area. Such proper stimuli are the repeated functional movements executed with precision and in a particular pattern, exclusively achieved with robotic systems.

How do I know that the treatment suits me?

Treatment with the use of robotic technology is widely applied to all patients with various function disorders in the upper limb movement.

It is applied to all stages of the rehabilitation process; in cases where there is no movement and the affected limb is moved automatically by the robotic device, and in cases with some degree of movement where the device assists and guides the patient’s upper limb, enhancing improvement of movement control and muscle strength.

The robotic device can execute combined movements with accuracy, in short periods of time, making it ideal for upper limb rehabilitation.

The device can achieve 300-500 repetitions/movements in an hour instead of 30-40 repetitions of the conventional treatment method. The great number of repeated movements along with the unsurpassed execution accuracy makes the difference and improves upper limb functionality.

The robotic system is a secure and efficient method that enables us to modify the treatment parameters and create individualized programs for each patient, according to his/her needs.

Patients’ comments for this treatment method are very positive and some of them are so satisfied with their improvement that they repeat the intensive rehabilitation program.

These are the most  important advantages of this new method.

  • Shorter rehabilitation time and better results
  • Enables individualized programs according to every patient’s special needs
  • Maintains accuracy in movement patterns, a basic element in rehabilitation
  • Achieves hundreds of repeated movements in a short period of time
  • It is efficient in movement retraining
  • Reduces pain during the upper limb rehabilitation process
  • Increases joint range of motion
  • Reduces spasticity
  • Improves muscle tone
  • The patient can watch the movement’s simulation in real time through a monitor


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