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Falling is an unpleasant circumstance and the main cause of fatal injuries in the elderly. The rates of falling increase dramatically with increasing age. The data are impressive and reveal the size of the problem. Approximately one third of the people over 65 and half over 80 will fall at least once a year.

Do you want to know how you can prevent unpleasant situations with unpredictable consequences for your health?

Do you want to know if you are included in the category of people with a high risk of falling?

Answer the following questions:                                                   YES       NO

• Having trouble getting out of bed or chair?
• Do you ever feel a little footshore?
• Do you feel that something is wrong with the upright posture and your balance?
• Did you fall in the near past?
• You have urinary incontinence?
• You forget words or things you did over the day?
• Do you easily get emotional?
• Is it hard to identify people or things related to the recent past?
• Do you take medicine associated with mood or sleep during the day?
• Has anything changed in your walking?
• Do you make small steps?
• Do you often stumble?
• When talking is your pace interrupted?
• Do you ever loose your pace?
• Is it hard to walk up and down the stairs?
• Do your hands coordinate with your pace?

If there are positive answers, send an e-mail to or call 23990 76700 for a complete check up with a group of health scientists experts. 

Our scientific team consists of professional doctors specialised in rehabilitation and physiotherapists specialized in diagnostic examination and evaluation of the resk of falling. Today there is scientific evidence that seniors can ba helped to avoid falls.

In the specialized Neuro-rehabilitation center Evexia,in the section of assessment prevention and treatment of the risk of falling, there are operating treatment programs that will help you prevent unpleasant situations resulting from falling. Get informed about your health.